About Wendy

With over 25 years of experience I have worked with a wide variety of clients & industries - agriculture, healthcare, casinos, lottery and finance.

I have worn many hats over the years while working in the advertising industry but my first love is to work on broadcast projects. I enjoying digging into a project and making sense of the budget, schedule and tasks that need to get done to make the project really shine. I am known for crackin’ the whip with a smile and everyone I have worked with over the years have told me they like to work with me as they know things will run smoothly and they don’t have to worry about anything falling through the cracks. Within my family I am known as the ‘bossy lady’ who keeps them all moving along. One of my clients refers to me as the master cat wrangler for keeping everyone moving along even when they are moving in different directions.

I work mostly with ad agencies who don’t have a full time producer on hand and with freelance groups. I have great relationships with almost all of the vendors, crew and talent agents in town and I am a very good negotiator when it comes to budgets and timing in getting a project done.

I have a successful record of leading teams in the production of high-quality deliverables. I am innovative at finding a solution to the problem at hand no matter how large or small they may be. I am able to define, communicate and fulfill project goals and break down complex issues into manageable parts. I work collaboratively with team members to reach common goals, while maintaining responsibilities and commitments. I enjoy fostering career growth of the team members I work with through mentoring relationships. I work hard at keeping the respect of team members, peers, vendors and clients as I move along in my career. Communication is generally via phone, in person or email – all depending on the project and the team members involved on the project. 

Duties include producing radio commercials, TV commercials and corporate videos, as well as scheduling and estimating of each job. I work closely with the creative teams, outside vendors and talent agents to ensure we get the best possible commercial available within our budget and time frame. I also work with closely with the Media Department (if applicable) in gathering all necessary information needed to traffic the spots. 

I utilize my traffic experience gathered from previous positions to serve as a liaison between the account executive, creative teams, production and outside vendors. I schedule, coordinate and expedite the preparation of production materials to facilitate meeting publication and client deadlines. I am responsible for coordinating all aspects of print production including estimating & schedules of projects. I maintain a constant awareness of the status of all the jobs in progress and kept in close contact with all personnel involved. 

Utilizing my traffic and HR background I work with internal marketing departments as well as smaller ad agencies in helping to review and define their goals for process & procedures and then work with them on how best to implement these suggested processes & procedures. This normally involves reviewing current processes & procedures, reviewing of current job descriptions & positions, database recommendations and training of the staff. 

My HR responsibilities while at Foley Sackett/The Foley Group included overseeing performance reviews and salary changes. Research and maintenance of our flex plan, healthcare plan, dental plan, life insurance plan, short-term disability and long-term disability plans. I created all of the Employment Agreements and Freelance Agreements. I created and implemented the orientation program for new employees and process plan for exiting employees. I also kept up-to-date with outside resources to insure that we have the best benefits available to our employees. 

UW-River Falls
BA in Broadcast Journalism
BS in Broad Area Agriculture